In today’s Insights & Updates chat, Robert Boonin, from Dykema’s Labor & Employment Group, and James Brandell, a Government Policy Advisor from Dykema’s Washington, D.C., office, discuss what is on the Biden Administration’s agenda in terms of redirecting wage and hour law.

Among the topics they address are:

  • How and When Will Minimum Wages Increase?
  • Changes Expected from the DOL to Narrow Who’s Exempt from Overtime—The Salary Level and Duties Tests are “On the Line”
  • Special Wage and Hour Initiatives to be Imposed on Government Contractors
  • Significance of David Weil’s Anticipated Return a the DOL’s Wage & Hour Administrator
  • What Employers Can Do Now to Address these Anticipated Changes

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To learn more, contact Robert Boonin at [email protected] or James Brandell at [email protected].