Today’s Insights & Updates chat highlights critical issues both unionized and non-unionized employers need to understand. In this episode, Robert Boonin, from Dykema’s Labor & Employment group, along with James Brandell, who is a Government Policy Advisor in Dykema’s Washington, D.C., office, discuss all things related to how the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is priming itself to dramatically change current labor law principles, as well as how the Protecting the Rights to Organize Act (PRO Act) would redesign the longstanding rules and processes under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to make it easier for unions to organize employees.

Their discussion highlights the following:

  • The Impact of the President’s Control Over Appoints to the National Labor Relations Board,
  • The Impact of the Newly Appointed Chair of the NLRB,
  • The Biden Administration’s Commitment to Promote Union Representation,
  • Implications and Requirements of the PRO Act, if Adopted,
  • Current Status of the PRO Act in Congress, and
  • Next Steps for Employers.

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To learn more, contact Robert Boonin at [email protected] or James Brandell at [email protected].