Dykema attorneys Robert Boonin and Sean Darke will be presenting the above entitled webinar for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce on January 18, 2023. They will address how the legal landscape for employers has changed since the pandemic, the 2020 election, and 2022 mid-term elections, which may surprise many employers and which may require major changes to their approaches to employment relations. The webinar, which will have interactive Q&A, will highlight the biggest developments and provide participants guidance on how to reduce their liability going forward, and to otherwise avoid unwittingly stepping on a legal land mines triggering significant liability.

Among the topics to be covered are: 

  • An update regarding the status of Michigan’s minimum wage and paid sick leave laws, including the challenges pending in the Court of Appeals, and how to plan for changes afoot in Lansing;
  • The anticipated changes by the US Department of Labor to the Federal Labor Standards Act overtime pay exemptions;
  • The legal issues (such as taxes and pay rules) that arise when employees (continue to) work remotely;
  • The National Labor Relation Board’s expansive view of labor law, a law which many have long-believed only applies to unionized employers and employees engaged in union activities making it critical for non-unionized employers, applies to non-unionized employers, making it critical for non-unionized employers to conform their operations to the Board’s expanding view of its authority; and
  • Other issues which may trigger a need to update employee handbooks and arbitration agreements.  

The webinar is free for Chamber members and $49 for non-members. Click here to register.